Friday, November 03, 2006

U2 Tax Avoiders...Bono pockets more, Irish lose.

I'm sceptical of Bono's push for the end of world poverty when he has so much but does things like
this. I know their just trying to be business men, and secure their future. But if Bono was really serious about this he would stop asking us to spend a % of our money on debt relief and lobby our politicians, when he won't even abid by the tax laws of his own country when it is to his own detriment.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Music Search

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News of the upcomming Bloc Party Album


Bloc Party release their second full-length album A Weekend In The City - 5th February 2007 through Wichita Recordings. Produced by Jacknife Lee and recorded at Grouse Lodge Studios in Ireland. Bloc Party's newest collection of songs is a stunning, intense and brilliant follow-up to their celebrated debut Silent Alarm. The album will be preceded by the single The Prayer, released 29th January 2007.

A Weekend in The City is inspired by lead singer Kele Okereke's interest in what he calls "the living noise of a metropolis." On Weekend, the band captures every detail from ebullient to the mundane – of daily life in a modern city, and the quiet desolation that suffuses everything from commuting to casual sex, from going out on a Friday night to the long ride home in the early hours of the morning. These are songs desperate to understand the meaning that pulses under the moments of our everyday: there are bursting with tension, paranoia, sadness, love and an intense need for reason as to how city life has become so displacing.

The track listing for A Weekend in the City is....
01. Song For Clay (Disappear Here)
02. Hunting For Witches
03. Waiting For the 7.18
04. The Prayer
05. Uniform
06. On
07. Where Is Home?
08. Kreuzberg
09. I Still Remember
10. Sunday
11. SRXT.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

3 Things to listen to this weekend

Album: The Knife: Silent Shout. Just bought it after having it in mp3 for awhile. Finally something that has had some hype but is justified.

Song: The Libertines: Can't Stand Me Now (The Libertine LP). The only song that shows what Pete Doherty can achieve. This though should not justify the press that he has gotten since. Anyone else think that he was selected by the UK music press to be most likely to die and that he should be explained as a genius and not the junkie he is.

Album Preview: My Chemical Romance. Don't its not really worth it, listen to the Buzzcocks instead.

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Sydney Big Day Out Sold Out

The biggest day of Australia's biggest event has sold out. In a press release on the Big Day Out Website the public has been notificed that the Sydeny leg of the tour has sold out. The release states:

SYDNEY BIG DAY OUT SOLD OUT IN RECORD TIME!Tickets to the SYDNEY BIG DAY OUT to be held on Thursday January 25th at Sydney Showground have SOLD OUT in record breaking time this morning. Since going on sale at midnight on the 13th October, tickets to the SYDNEY BIG DAY OUT have been snapped up by thousands of festival hungry music fans.In light of this massive demand we have felt it necessary to stop sales, and will advise in a few days how the final 10,000 tickets will be made available.Please note, there will NOT be a 2nd Sydney BIG DAY OUT event. Tickets are currently still available for all other BIG DAY OUT events.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tiga - Far From Home

This song has been in my head all day and I though I will share it.

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Iggy News: The Stooges New Album

The reformed Stooges have begun working on their new album to be produced Steve Albini in Chicago. The current version of the Stooges include Iggy, brothers Scott Asheton (drums) and guitarist Ron Asheton. The newist member is bassist Mike Watt who has been touring with the band for a few years now and who always looks like he fits. It will be the group's first album of new material since 1973's 'Raw Power'.

According to Billboard, new tracks expected to appear on the as yet untitled album include 'Mexican Guy', 'Trollin', 'Greedy Awful People', 'Claustrophobia' 'ATM', 'O Solo Mio','She Took My Money' 'End Of Christianity' and 'I'm Fried'. Iggy Pop that getting back to writing with Ron Asheton has included "[A]ll the same passions and problems are there. But the problems are in a more muted style. I'm still the show-off in the group that gets all the attention. Everyone has their role. It's pretty much the way it was in high school." I can't wait, live they still cut it but with a new album they will blow everyone away.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Video: Cat Stevens 'Tuesday's Dead'

Coming off my wuss rock playlist is a video of the Cat Stevens classic tuesday's dead. A couple Stevens/ YusufIslam video after the jump.

Both of these are the same song, some time and religion has passed but the message has remained the same... lets ride the peace train

Cat Stevens Peace Train

Yusuf Islam Peace Train 2006

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The death of cock rock - Hawkins quits the Darkness

According to the Sun newspaper, the Darkness lead singer Justin Hawkins has quit the band. Recently recovering from drink and drug addictions, Hawkins has decided that the lifestyle of the band conflicts with his rehab. He told the Sun "I feel bad for the others (in the band). It will be an upheaval. But it's time for me to move on. It would be damaging to my recovery to stay on. I'm not blaming the band for my problem - I am an addict. There are people who can be in bands and stay clean, but I'm not one of them.

Despite his decision to quit, Hawkins said that the band will carry on without him, with bassist Richie Edwards taking over the vocal duties.

The Hawkins looks as though he will concentrate on recording a solo record and writing music for films.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

5 Songs for My Boring Tuesday Afternoon

Cat Stevens -Tuesday' Dead
Not for the title but because it just puts me in a good mood for some reason.

Dandy Warhols - Smoke It
Because sometimes you've just gotta smoke it.

Gnarls Barkley -Smiley Faces
In the face of boredom and near craziness this song is good

Graham Coxon -Thank God for the Rain
Its not all about feeling better

Whitesnake - Here I Go Again
Just because...Ok ;-)

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Hot Chip US Tour

Hot Chip are about to embark on a host of headline dates on their upcoming tour of the US in November. Here are the dates.

November 2006
1st, Sonar, Baltimore, USA
2nd, Webster Hall, New York, USA
3rd, Pure, Philadelphia, USA
4th, Paradise, Boston,MA, USA
5th, La Sala Rossa, Montreal,PQ, Canada
6th, The Mod Club, Toronto, ON, Canada
7th, Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH, USA
8th, Wexner Centre, Columbus,OH, USA
10th, Metro, Chicago,IL, USA
11th, First Avenue, Minneapolis,IL, USA
14th, Neumos, Seattle,WA, USA
15th, Doug Fir Lounge, Portland,OR, USA
17th, Mezzanine, San Francisco,CA, USA
18th, Henry Fonda Theatre (changed from Ex_Plx), Los Angeles,CA, USA
19th, Casbah, San Diego,CA, USA.

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First Dinosaur Jr...Now Sebadoh

After touring with a reformed Dinosaur Jr for about a year and announcing an upcoming album with said band, Lou Barlow has announced that Sebadoh are also hitting the road again. On his
website Barlow states "Sebadoh Classic will be touring this spring 2/25/07- 4/07. Sebadoh Classic = Gaffney-era... III → Bubble and Scrape. Eric, Jason, and I will be heading out together..."

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Jet: New Single

In an Australian theme today, Jet announcedthe next single of their album. It is going to be the track 'Bring It On Back'. The news comes from the Jet corner (NME) who note that the other songs on the single will be new tracks'Janie Jones', 'Where Are All My Good Friends?' and 'I Only Like You When I'm High'. Haven't heard the new stuff but the single sounds just like Jet (so don't complain when you hear it), in particular their song 'Look What You've Done' but reminds me of the Black Crowes for some reason, and even contains strings....

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Review: The Sleepy Jackson "Personality - One Was A Spider, One Was A Bird"

Now this review is a bit late, and I have had the album for awhile, but I have only recently really got into it.

Just like the Lemonheads are Evan Dando, Australian band The Sleepy Jackson are Luke Steele. Music press want to label Steele as the new Brian Wilson, and while the comparison on this album might be right anyone who has seen or heard their early shows would agree that he has a bit more rock in his blood than you would think from this album. Unlike their debut (which was full of stuff from previous EPs) this sophmore album presents fans with all new material. And there is no disappointment here. It is full of the usual spacey sounds Steele has become known for. The two first singles (Devil Was In My Yard and God Lead Your Soul) are probably the most accessable to a wider audience. This said the album is strong from begining to end with symphonic sounds (shit, that will be the biggest word I'll use in this, don't want to pitchfork on you) with great lyrics from a man who probably could dominate the rock/pop/indie genre but seems satisfied to do this without the hype machine that many other bands are so keen to attach themselves to.

If you liked the first album you will love this. If the comparisions to Wilson or Pet sounds intrigue, you should be able to really enjoy this and still find it different and modern. If you don't like bands like the
Flaming Lips or Mercury Rev, stay clear. Also, if you can get the CD/DVD combo... its worth it.

Sleepy Jackson Home
Sleepy Jackson MySpace

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